Santa's Sleigh - 2018 Routes

Santa's Sleigh will be out and about again this year, with extra routes to cover the new housing estates in and around the village.
A number of different organisations will be looking after the sleigh (see route details below);  all monies collected across the month will be pooled and then divided equally between the organisations (after a small amount has been taken out for expenses).
This year you can also add to the fund via JustGiving. So if you haven't got cash or are out on the day we visit your street, feel free to donate via the following link:
The following are the planned routes, with a start time of approximately 5:30pm for the evening runs:
  Sleigh Route Collecting Organisation
Sunday 2nd
 Holmes Chapel Christmas Market, Coop Car Park
 from 4:00 to 7:00 pm
 Holmes Chapel Partnership
Monday 3rd
No Run Today - Santa's Day Off
Tuesday 4th
 Holmes Chapel Lakes Estate (Broad Lane, Coniston Drive,
 Grasmere Drive and offshoots), Cotton Hall Estate 
 Holmes Chapel Partnership 
Wednesday 5th
 Goostrey West: Main Road both sides from Long Shoot,
 Hermitage Lane, New Platt Lane, Boothbed Lane,
 Forest Avenue, Mulberry Avenue and others
 Goostrey Scouts
Thursday 6th
 Holmes Chapel: Hermitage Drive, Riverside Crescent,
 Rees Crescent, Danefield Road, Picton Square,
 Macclesfield Road, Saltersford Corner 
 Fire Brigade & Old Rotarians
Friday 7th
 Brereton: Brereton Heath, Brereton  Brereton Scouts
Saturday 8th
 No Run Today - Santa's Day Off
Sunday 9th
 Cranage, Allostock  Holmes Chapel Guides
Monday 10th
 Holmes Chapel: Crofters Court, Middlewich Road,
 Bessancourt, Brookfield Drive (and side roads), Chester Road,
 Westway, The Drive, The Milling Field
 Holmes Chapel Pre-School
Tuesday 11th
 Holmes Chapel: Westmorland Terrace, Saddler's Close
 through to Seddon Estate (Bramhall Drive to Ravenscroft)
 and all side roads
 Holmes Chapel Guides
Wednesday 12th
 Holmes Chapel: Hawthorn Villas, Sandiford Road (and side
 roads), Station Road, Bromley Drive, London Road,
 Alum Court
 Holmes Chapel Scouts
Thursday 13th
 Holmes Chapel: Portree Drive and all side roads  Holmes Chapel 41 Club
Friday 14th
 Holmes Chapel: Elm Drive and all side roads including Bridge Farm
 Dane Sound Radio
Saturday 15th
 Santa will be in the carpark at ALDI (in Manor Lane) 
 from 10:00am to 1:00pm - reduced attendance due to poor weather
Saturday 15th
 Goostrey East: Main Road (north side), Mill Lane,
 Woodlands, Buckbean Way, Brooklands Drive (and side
 roads), Station Road, Main Road (south side to Long Shoot)
 Viking Explorer Scout Unit
Sunday 16th
  No Run Today - Santa's Day Off
Monday 17th
 Holmes Chapel: Selkirk Drive (and side roads),
 Balmoral Drive (and side roads) to Southlands 
 Holmes Chapel Tangent
Tuesday 18th
 Holmes Chapel: Thatch Close, Rivers Estate (Severn Way,
 and side roads), Congleton Road, Kingfisher park, Somerford
 Remembering Nell Foundation