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Petition: Pedestrian Safety at the Chester/Station Road and London Road junction
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Do you find it tricky crossing the road here? Especially heading north towards the village because you can’t see what’s coming towards you around the corner and, just when it seems safe, a vehicle turns across your path into Chester Road and you have to jump out of the way.
What’s more, on the south side of Chester Road there is no proper path!
Did you know that Cheshire East Highways intend to replace the traffic lights at the junction with a roundabout? This work will be carried out to ‘improve traffic flow’ when the new housing site on London Road, south of the village boundary (in the Parish of Brereton) is built. It will largely be funded by a contribution of approximately £550,000 from the developers, Bloor Homes, who are obliged to pay money to the community to mitigate the effects of development (called the Community Infrastructure Levy - formerly known as S.106 contributions).
How will pedestrians cross the junction when there are not even any lights to pause the traffic? (It is not known whether the existing controlled crossing outside Bernard Court will be retained).
It seems that there are currently no detailed plans, and probably will not be any until the detailed planning permission for the site is granted by Cheshire East, allowing house building to commence. However the evidence is, that the development is imminent and, if Holmes Chapel residents want to make their feelings known, now is the moment to try and ensure that Cheshire East Council pays due regard to the needs of pedestrians at this junction.
The Parish Council has made it clear to Cheshire East Highways that it has serious concerns about pedestrian safety with the roundabout scheme, but the initial response was that Highways do not want to make any changes that will impede traffic flow.
UPDATE: 12th April
The petition closed on 7th April, with a fabulous total of 942 signatures!  THANK YOU ALL
Meanwhile all those who sent letters to Cheshire East Council in support of the petition have received a response indicating that consideration is being given to the provision of pedestrian controlled crossings on London Road and Chester Road.  Highways have indicated that there will be a public consultation once the new roundabout layout has been designed.
Stuart Gammon, Partnership Chairman, presented the petition to the Leader of Cheshire East Council (Councillor Rachel Bailey) on 12th April; he asked whether interested parties - including the Parish Council, Ward Councillors and the Partnership - could meet with the Highways department at the start of the design process for the new roundabout, so that community requirements could be considered from the beginning.
UPDATE - July 2018 
Representatives of the Holmes Chapel Partnership, Parish Council and Ward Councillors had a predesign meeting with Cheshire East Highways on 29th June at which we discussed the proposal for a roundabout and our concerns about pedestrian safety. As we already knew, the intention is to replace the traffic lights at London Road and Chester Road intersection with a roundabout, but its exact design,
and position have not yet been decided.
Highlighted were the pedestrian safety issues, particularly crossing London Road, adjacent to Bernard Court, and Chester Road:
The full cost has yet to be assessed, including costs of construction, traffic management, during the works, and any purchase of land. If, as seems likely, this is more than the amount being paid by Bloor Homes, then Cheshire East will need to fund the difference. The junction design work will not start until the conditions in the Belway Section 106 Agreement have been met – i.e. development of the residential
housing has started – and the money has been paid to Cheshire East.
Highways have agreed to have another meeting with us when the design work starts.
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