The Partnership's Current Projects

Making Holmes Chapel a Dementia Friendly Village
Following the very successful example of Alsager Partnership, we are running a project to make Holmes Chapel a 'Dementia Friendly Village'.
This involves a number of things, including the following, which we hope to achieve over a period of 12-18 months;
Updates on the project will be provided regularly via the Community Newsletter and this website.
Dementia Friendly Village
Sensory Garden
Sensory Garden
Working with garden designer, John Clowes, we are helping to provide a sensory garden in the area between the entrance to the Fire Station and the entrance to the shopping precinct.
The project will involve removing the three trees currently in this area (not the ones in front of the fire station!) and clearing the existing area of all vegetation.  A path will be provided and the area will be planted with both fragrant and colourful flower and shrubs.  New trees will be planted to replace those removed at the start of the project.